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Pastor Tom Jones

Pastor Tom JonesPastor Thomas (Tom) Jones was born in Waco, Texas to Fred and Cleo Jones. As a child he lived several years in Denver, CO, and returned to Waco, TX as a teenager. Pastor Tom is known as a man of wisdom, purpose and unwavering faith and loyalty. Anyone who truly knows him would probably comment on his unpretentious, down-to-earth way of dealing with people. He would be noted for his exceptional business sense and his willingness to share that knowledge with others without fear or intimidation.

A man of vision, his unwavering commitment and dedication to God’s plans and to God’s people makes him a “Leader of Leaders”. Pastor Tom was recognized by former President George H. Bush with the Outstanding Service Award (9 Who Cares, Channel Nine) for his outstanding community service and work with the homeless.

A business man, Pastor Tom, in partnership with Pastor Anitha Jones, were founders and owners of several successful Christian Daycare Centers in the Denver metropolitan area, prior to going into full time ministry. Pastor Tom uses his extraordinary business skills to bless the body of Christ. His vision for FHG1 is that each member walks in prosperity and in the blessings of God. His desire is that each member who endeavors to be a homeowner will own a home.

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14281 E Exposition Ave
Aurora, CO 80012

(303) 364-0344 Phone

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Sunday Worship Service
@ 9:30 a.m.

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