Dreaming Like God

May 1st, 2016 | Comments

In spite of the disappointing times of discouragement and heartbreak, tears and troubles and all the things that Life throws at us from time to time, One of the main lessons that I have learned in this life is to Never Stop Dreaming Like God. It's our Dreams that keep us "Alive" and Active and full of Joy. Our Dreams and our Vision(s) is the fuel that keeps us focused, in step with time and season and headed towards our goals. In fact, Proverbs 29:18 teaches us that without a Dream or a Vision to follow, the people perish. The Hebrew word for perish means to throw off discipline. So without a dream or vision to keep us focused, in step with time and season and headed towards our goals, people have a tendency to walk aimlessly through life.
How many people do you know who just seem to simply blow with the wind or follow the wrong people, move in the wrong direction Or give up much too soon?
It's your Dream that fuels your purpose.
I certainly know that sometimes our Dream is Shattered, because as we know Life Happens. But I also know that when one Dream is shattered it's so that God can replace our dream with His Dream for our lives.
I want to encourage you today to take some time out of your busy schedule and go to the Dream Cemetery on the canvass of your imagination where healthy dreams are Sometimes abandoned and left to die and make a Prophetic Demand on your Dream to Live and Thrive. Speak to your Dream and then go and present that Dream to God for His inspection and approval. Finally, Trust and Believe in the Power of God. Your Dream is important to God.
Jeremiah 29:11 says " I know the plans (dreams and thoughts) I have for you. Thoughts and Dreams of Peace and not Evil to give you an expected End." So Dream on my friends. You are not too old or too young to have a Dream. And you are Never too old to Live it out!!!

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