Care Group Ministry

The Care Group Leaders of FHG1 Ministries function as an extension of the Pastors in assisting the Pastors in the overall care of the membership. The Care Group Leaders responsibilities include the encouragement of the members, hospital visitations, praying for the members, keeping the membership abreast of ministry activities, making sure members are connected to the ministry through hosting social events, etc. The Care Group Ministry is a vital part of FHG1.

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Children’s Ministry

At FHG1 we believe that our children are important. In fact, our children are our future pastors, teachers, evangelists, doctors, lawyers, etc.

Your child will be loved on, cared for and blessed at FHG1 Ministries. So bring your children to experience the fun and excitement happening each week as your child grows by leaps and bounds in the Word of God.

Click here to learn more about the Children's Ministry.

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Pastor Michael Martin
Power Hour Bible Study

Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Ministry provides consistent and dynamic Life Style & Leadership Training held quarterly, a weekly Power Hour Bible Study on Wednesday nights and ministry educational opportunities throughout the year. Anyone who wants to grow in Christ, can grow in Christ at FHG1 Ministries.

Click here to learn more about the Life Skills & Leadership Training and Power Hour Bible Study...

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Daughters of Destiny

Daughters of Destiny (DOD) is dedicated to girls between 8 and 18 years of age. Its purpose is to minister to girls in those areas relevant to the issues and challenges they face daily. In addition to building a positive self-image, DOD promotes Godly character, leadership, social and life skills.

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Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry is designed to ensure that your experience with FHG1 Ministries is one that is both memorable and enjoyable. Our hospitality staff is here to serve you and assist you with any concerns and questions you may have about the dynamic ministry of FHG1 Ministries. Remember, we want your experience with “The Glory” to be a happy one and one you will share with others.

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Judah Dances Sayz Dancers

Judah Dance Sayz Ministry

Judah Dance Sayz Ministry is committed to worshipping God through interpretive dance. Judah ministers during our worship services and on special occasions as they capture the essence of true worship through the creative art of the dance. Your heart will rejoice as you journey with these dancers as they tell a story of praise unto God during our dynamic worship services.

Click here to learn more about the Judah Dances Sayz Ministry.

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Membership Care Ministry

The Membership Care Ministry is called to care for, minister to and stay in touch with our members and to encourage each member to connect with FHG1 Ministries. Through our dynamic team of leaders we are able to follow up with members and get them connected with a Care Group Leader and a ministry they can grow in and learn from.

Our goal is that all of the members of FHG1 Ministries become a vital and active part of service, and, membership care exist to help make our goal a reality.

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Men of the Spirit,
Men of the Word

Men of the Spirit, Men of the Word

Men of the Spirit, Men of the Word is a strong and supportive brotherhood of men growing together and learning to become stronger Men, Husbands, Fathers, Ministers and Friends. Through fellowship, open discussions and mentoring, Men of the Spirit, Men of the Word is committed to staying the course to ensure strong family values, healthy marriages and relationships, and strong Godly leadership. This central focus in their lives help to make Men of the Spirit Men of the Word a strong ministry, necessary to the growth and survival of the local church.

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Music Ministry and Choir

Under the steadfast leadership of Minister Sharon Henderson this dynamic Choir and Praise Team has a way of touching the hearts of the people and stirring up the atmosphere in the sanctuary so that the Word of God can come forth with freedom and liberty.

Click here to learn more about the Music Ministry and Choir.

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Robert Lowman & Terrance Davis
Photography Ministry

Photography Ministry

The Photography Ministry is busy taking new pictures and making sure that current photographs of worship services, ministry events and activities are captured. Please don’t be distracted as you see our photographers taking pictures of you during the service or at events. Just remember to smile!

Terrance Davis and Robert Lowman are present in every service to make sure that the rich history of FHG1 Ministries is recorded and never overlooked.

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Social Media Ministry

The FHG1 Social Media Ministry is responsible for maintaining a presence on the various social media outlets. Team members are responsible for updating uploading and posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social media. Through Social Media, FHG1 Ministries is determined to spread the Word of God and encourage growth and expansion.

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Soul Winning Team

The Soul Winning Team is comprised of born again, spirit-filled believers who aggressively and passionately win souls for the Kingdom of God. This Team is responsible for developing and implementing new and exciting soul winning initiatives in order to help grow the church, and spread the Word of God.

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Sound Technician Ministry

The Sound Technician Ministry works diligently to produce quality sound for our services and events. This team ensures that the sound you hear is crisp and clear. Our Sound Technicians work hard to make sure that the Word of God comes forth uninterrupted at each service.

Serving us each Sunday is Ronnie Allen,  Ernest Mackey and Marshell Lowman.

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Spoken Word Ministry

The Spoken Word Ministry is a creative arts ministry that uses the art of poetic expression to glorify God. This dynamic group of anointed artist ministers during our worship services, special events and during performing arts productions.

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Today’s Women of Truth & Glory

Minister Donna Johnson

Under the direction of Elder Donna Johnson Today’s Women of Truth and Glory are a powerful group of women who are making an impact not only in the city but in the nation, and even the world.

You can see these women of God out in the community visiting the nursing homes, planning church events and participating in anything that can help raise the standard in the church.

Click here to learn more.

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Ushers and Greeters

Ushers & Greeters
William Moore

Ushers & Greeters

Lisa Givens

The Ushers and Greeters function every week at FHG1 Ministries to meet and greet the guest and members of FHG1, to make sure that everyone is seated comfortably for the Word of God, and to lead and direct you in the flow of the service. They are also present and praying over each service before it begins. Our Ushers and Greeters are here to serve you and make sure that your visit to FHG1 Ministries is a pleasant and powerful one.

Our Ushers and Greeters guard the anointing in the House and make sure that the Word of

God comes forth without interruptions in the service.

Because we are a church that is committed to Excellence and Order, our Ushers and Greeters are instructed to handle anything that could cause you to miss out on what God has for you.

Lisa Givens and Bob Burton are our Team Leaders for this important ministry.

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Video Ministry

Elder Manual Johnson

The Video Ministry is committed to recording each service, Live Screen Viewing/Streaming weekly, both in the worship service and over the internet. The Video Ministry is dedicated to making sure that our services are heard and seen by our faithful viewers in over 170 countries throughout the world.

This dedicated ministry is committed to getting the gospel spread throughout the world. Because of their commitment to purpose every Sunday morning, we are streaming live and our services can be seen by people studying and living abroad, as well as our Military people who are serving in other countries.

Under the committed leadership of Elder Manual Johnson, the Video Ministry is sure to grow and prosper.

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Pastor Naomi Caver

Xtreme Teens

The Xtreme Teen Ministry offers leadership, support, understanding and guidance to teens as they deal with the “real” issues of life. It provides a safe environment where teens can talk and share with Godly Understanding and Touchable Youth Ministers, as well as share with their peers, and experience a true sense of acceptance and belonging.

Click here to learn more about our Xtreme Teens Ministry.

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Would You Like To Become A Part of One of Our Dynamic Ministries?

FHG1 Ministries is always seeking new people to help us serve you and our community better. If you would like to connect with one of these ministries please contact us at our front office at 303-364-0344.

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