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About For His Glory Ministries

Pastors Tom and Anitha JonesA Ministry of Excellence

Pastors Who Care

Pastors Tom and Anitha truly are pastors of the people. Knowing that they are pastors you can touch, trust and relate to “in a very real way” helps to make your church experience one of ease and power. You will feel the protection of the Heavenly Father as these pastors stand guard over your life.

Strong, Strategic and Focused on Purpose

Pastor Tom and Pastor Anitha know what it means to walk with you through the difficult and challenging places of your life, teaching you how to come out into victorious living by the Word of God.

The Passionate Life Changing Word 

The passionate, life-changing Word at FHG1 Ministries is a Word that the entire family can relate to, from the youngest to the oldest. The simple, down to earth and dynamic presentation of the Word of God will have you laughing, crying and wanting for more.

Loving And Exciting Environment

The moment you enter the doors at FHG1 Ministries you will be greeted by lots of smiles, hugs and handshakes from a diverse group of people from across the world. The excitement and anticipation of what is soon to take place charges the atmosphere all around. The love that you will feel at FHG1 Ministries will be a refreshing experience for all who come.

Spirit of Unity

Truly the blessings of God are commanded over the house because of the Spirit of Unity that flows freely throughout the ministry. People working on one accord to promote the God-given vision of the church is what it’s all about at FHG1 Ministries.

Location / Contact:

14281 E Exposition Ave
Aurora, CO 80012

(303) 364-0344 Phone

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Service Times:

Sunday Worship Service
@ 10:30 a.m.

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