Stuff Happens

Mar 28th, 2015 | Comments

Stuff Happens

You know what my Friends, one of the most important lessons I'm learning in Life is that, no matter how you Toss it, Slice it, Cut it Up and Dice it, Stuff Happens. And if you are fortunate enough to live long enough, Guess What, Stuff is going to happen to you. So it makes no sense for any of us, to sit around wasting our Precious days and moments criticizing, laughing at or ostracizing those people we know or don't know who have Messed Up or Made Mistakes in Life. Instead, pray for them.

In fact, to waste Your time, My time and Our time discussing their bad news, when we could be writing the first chapter of our own book, makes no sense at all to me. After all, Life Happens.

How many times have you said, I'll never, and You did. In fact, how many people reading my blog are living out an "I'll Never" situation right now. One of those situations where you swore on a Stack of bibles you wouldn't ever be in, and now You Are. One bible wouldn't work, You needed a Stack of bibles to get your point across.

So to you, I'm simply suggesting that you pray for them. Try it. It's Amazing how much better you will start to feel about yourself, them, and others when you take control over your mouth, your heart, your mind and your motives.

I guess, all I'm trying to say is, in Life Stuff Happens.

And if you Live Long Enough Stuff will happen to you.

Smiles, Tears and Candy Apples,

Pastor A

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